• Date who you want, without app

    Date who you see.

    App ? No.

    Disturbance ? No.

    Greatest way to date ? Absolutely !

  • Our mission

    Allow you to date and seduce who you want, in the real life, without dating app

    Dating is an experience, not a swipe

    Dating companies today

    Let's have some fun

    "With our algorithms you'll find love" "Our dating app is the best to find love" "You want to find love ? Download our app and it'll happen" blablabla...

    Ok, you know that kind of marketing words who want to touch your emotional side ? That's b******* !

    But you know it, right ?

    No more dating app

    Stop !

    In the street, at school, at work, at a party...every day you come across thousand people a day. 

    So why do you need dating websites/app ?

    Don't let algorithms decide your future. You are the algorithm !

    You want to date her/him, don't worry, Apollonia is your wingman.


    Apollonia is the new era of dating. No more virtual, no more limited database, no more algorithms, no more so-called "perfect matching" no more frustration.

    Just the real life and all opportunities that it contains.

    How ?

    As simple as saying "hello"

    Imagine a tool that allows you to break the ice and helps you date all people you want in the real life.

    Don't let him/her go, you'll regret it.


    Say what you want, without say it...that's Apollonia !

    You want to date someone ? Give her/him something :)

    When you give something to someone, you increase interest

    Our beautiful cards are originals and so amazing !

    Each phrase on our cards are imagined to create a funny and cool first link.

    Give the card to the person of your choice (with a smile please) and let the magic play.

    Conversation or not, that person will be able to contact you back thanks to the QR code on the back that will send it on your Instagram profile to discuss.

    You can give your card to who you want, wherever you are.

    You can slide it secretly, give it directly or even with roses... possibilities are limitless !

    Just test it and you'll see. One card can change your life forever


    Our cards are irresistible and will make you irresistible

    We are not a dating app

    We don't offer you a limited database. We offer you limitless dating.

    If you go on a dating app, you just have a very limited number of singles. With Apollonia, no need to be a user to date someone.


    In other words, with Apollonia you can date all people you see in your real life.


    We designed a human-centered approach to give the dating funnier, easier, kinder.

    Users say it: "Apollonia is a game changer" "I love your approach" "Apollonia finally responds to the real and deep problem of dating"

  • Cards

    It's your dating time

    Beautiful Acquaintance Cards

    Beautiful Acquaintance Cards

    5 Cards to connect people you want ! (don't forget to put your Instagram URL in your order information)
    Coming soon
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